PD Dante


2.211,60 + iva

Consegna: 3-5 giorni lavorativi


– Compact and portable for on-site events and an essential engineering “toolkit”
– Provides easy and quick source selection for Operators, Producers and Directors on multi-channel audio shoots
– Rapid bootup for fast deployment
– Easily manage your AoIP devices and Dante subscriptions
– Remotely configure and manage the network.
– Easily create and delete Dante subscriptions
– PIN Protection for critical operations
– Built-in tone generators for testing and trouble shooting
– Save presets for instant recall of individual event settings for quick configuration and setup


outputs are also available in the form of the stereo balanced line outputs and AES output accessed via the 15way D-type.
The speakers and headphones have independent settings for volume, the unit recalling the last used setting for each when changing between speakers and headphones.
PD Dante audio monitors

The balanced line outputs and AES output can be configured to follow the volume settings of the speakers or headphones. Alternatively, they can be set to independent levels with individual trim controls for each.
Additional inputs are available as an unbalanced stereo line input on a 3.5mm jack, AES input via the 15way D-type connector and a mic input on the headphone connector (accommodating standard mobile phone headsets)
All of these inputs can be routed to any of the Dante output channels.

The device is operated and controlled via the large 5.0” diagonal (127mm) 24bit colour LCD and capacitive touch panel.
A simple and elegant menu system has been designed to be intuitive to navigate allowing the user to access all the features of the PD Dante very quickly.
The high resolution screen is easy to read presenting comprehensive metering, routing and status information to the user.
PD Dante primary and secondary view
The PD Dante can be via PoE (13W) or alternatively be powered via USB (1.5A) by a computer USB port, USB mains adaptor or USB battery pack.
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Firmware updates of the PD Dante are achieved via a dedicated USB microAB connector.