Phabrix PHQXLO-DOLBY – Dolby E-decoder and Metadata Analyzer Option


3.410,50 + iva

Consegna: 3-5 giorni lavorativi

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SW Option: Dolby E Decoder, Metadata Analyser, LtRt/LoRo downmix, metering

Dolby E decoder and metadata analyzer option that provides a clear and accessible view of the Dolby E metadata present in a selected Dolby E or ED2 audio stream
For Phabrix QxL series
Check the correct timing of Dolby E packets in the audio signal in an SDI or ST 2022-6 broadcast chain
Decoded output and downmix can be metered, monitored, loudness measured and routed to AES outputs
Dolby stream CRC error detection and display
Displays 16 audio meters together with peak level indicators and indication of audio pair correlation
Meter channel identification automatically configured from the Dolby program metadata