2 Channel Audio 1:1 transformer

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DAC-80 / 2 Channel Audio 1:1 transformer High quality ground loop isolator (with ground lift) to avoid audio hum XLR in / out


2 Channel Audio Isolation Transformer

Easy to use

Eliminate audio noise caused by ground loops

Very low distortion and close to zero attenuation

Normal voltage differences in the system grounding points between different pieces of equipment cause small AC power currents to flow in the shield of audio cables. Either of these problems will create hum in audio signals. DAC-80 breaks the interequipment ground path and greatly increases the rejection in the input circuits while remaining transparent to the audio signal.

No Power needed

Designed for low signal loss and low distortion


DAC-80 2 Channel Audio Isolation Transformer
Impedance 600Ω+/- 10% (Input & output)
Bandwidth Frequency 20Hz ~20KHz ±0.5dB
THD: 1 KHz < 0.015% @ +4dBu; 20Hz: 0.05% @+4dBu
Insertion loss <0.5dB
Turns Ratio 1:1
Input 2 XLR Audio Input Channels
Output 2 XLR Audio Output Channels
Dimension (LxWxH) 85 x 112 x 45 mm
Weight 0.5 kg
Operating Temp. Range 0~40 °C
What’s in the Box 1 x DAC-80
1 x Thank You Card

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