Mobile Production System, 2 racksystem

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HD/SD 8 or 12 Channel Portable production unit (2-racks) including: 1 x SE-2850 8 Channel Digital Video Switcher; 2 x TLM-170LR: HD monitors for multiviewer/PGM; 1 x HDR-70: HD recorders for PGM and AUX; VSM-100: vectorscope / waveform monitor; ITC-100: 8-ch intercom / tally system with 8-Ch belt pack; AM-100: 5-ch audio mixer; AD-100: audio delay box; PD-2A: power distributor (8 x DC 12V); PD-6: 8-ch power center; RP-45: 8-ch CV return video; VP-445: 4-ch SDI amplifier; DAC-50 Digital/Analog converter. (CH 9-12 are optional)


HD/SD 8/12-Channel Mobile Video Studio

Compact transportable solution for both in-studio and on-location productions

A complete solution that is equipped with a switcher, intercom, recording, streaming, audio delay, monitor and power supply.


Suitable for large-sized productions

The OBV-2850 supports up to 12 inputs in resolutions up to 1080p50/60 and has a total of 6 outputs in HDMI and SDI


Intercom and talkback functionality

Standard 8 channel intercom optional expandability to 12 channels


Many optional accessories available

Multiple accessories available including recorders, audio mixers, streaming encoders, camera control, test & measurement tools and more.


The OBV-2850 is based on Datavideo SE-2850, 8/12 channels HD/SD digital video switcher and incorporates:

  • 2 x TLM-170LR: HD monitors for multiviewer/PGM
  • 1 x HDR-70: HD recorders for PGM and AUX
  • VSM-100: vectorscope / waveform monitor
  • ITC-100: 8-ch intercom / tally system with 4 included belt packs
  • AD-200: audio delay box
  • NVS-33: H.264 Video Streaming Server
  • VP-633100m SDI repeater (Powered)
  • PD-2A: power distributor (8 x DC 12V)
  • PD-6: 8-ch power center
  • RP-45: 8-ch CV return video
  • VP-445: 4-ch SDI amplifier
  • DAC-50: Digital/Analogue converter
  • Optional PD-4A AC redundant power center
  • Optional DDC-4012H: Camera power regular
  • Optional  VP-781: HD/SD SDI and Intercom Repeater Box
  • Optional  VP-634100m SDI repeater (Unpowered)
  • Optional 30m / 50m SDI and ITC all-in-one cable CB-46/CB-47
  • Optional 20m / 50m Tally and ITC all-in-one cable CB-3/CB-4



OBV-2850 HD/SD 8/12-Channel Mobile Video Studio
Digital Video Switcher SE-2850
Rack Mount LCD TLM-170LM x2
Recorder HDR-70
Intercom/Tally System ITC-100 w/4 Belt Packs
Vector Scope VSM-100
Audio Mixer AD-200
Power Distributor PD-2A
Camera Control System CCU-100

MCU-200 (OBV-2850CCU version only)

Camera Power Distributor PD-6A (OBV-2850CCU version only)
Video Streaming Server NVS-33
HD/SD SDI Amplifier VP-445

VP-633 x3

Rack System Integration 27RU Mobile Rack System x 2
25RU Mobile Rack System x 2 (Asia version)
Weight 85 kg
Operating Temp. Range 0~40 °C
Camera Power Regulator DDC-4012H (9-30V to DC12V)
Redundant Power (360W) PD-4A
CB-22H/23H Repeater VP-781
SDI/ITC Cable CB-46/47 (30/50m)
ITC/Tally Cable CB-3/4 (20m/50m)
100m SDI Repeater VP-634
HDMI Cable CB-60/61/62 (30m/50m/100m)
What’s in the Box 1 x OBV-2850 product
4 x ITC-100SL with Carry Bag
4 x Tally LED TD-3
4 x Headphone
1 x Goose neck MIC
1 x Goose neck LED light
4 x XLR Cable + CON 20M
4 x GPI Cable Stereo 1.2M
2 x AC Power Cord
1 x Y type USB cable
5 x 120mm cable tie
10 x 200mm cable tie
1 x Y type 2 pin MOLEX cable
2 x 2.5″” HDD enclosure
10 x Screw M3*4mm
10 x Anti-vibration screw + M5*10 washer
2 x ISO screw 2*6mm
2 x HD sticker
4 x

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