RD Dante


PD Dante – Portable Dante Network Diagnostics Tool and Audio Monitoring

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RD Dante – Rack Mount Dante Network Confidence Monitoring and Diagnostics Tool

Part no. NIX00537

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A 2U 19inch rack mounted Dante monitoring and diagnostic unit, which allows the monitoring of up to 64 Dante channels at 48kHz (32 channels at 96kHz). The signals are presented to the user via the inbuilt 75mm full range speakers which are mounted in optimised ported cabinets for a high quality sound or the via the 6.35mm headphone jack. The speakers are automatically muted when a headphone jack is inserted. Simultaneous outputs are also available in the form of the stereo balanced line outputs and AES output accessed via XLR connectors on the rear of the RD Dante.The RD Dante is operated and controlled via the large 5.0” diagonal (127mm) 24bit colour LCD and capacitive touch panel.
A simple and elegant menu system has been designed to be intuitive to navigate allowing the user to access all the features of the RD Dante very quickly.
The high resolution screen is easy to read presenting comprehensive metering, routing and status information to the user.

Firmware updates of the RD Dante are achieved via a dedicated USB B connector on the front panel. There is also a dedicated 6.35mm jack socket for the headphone output and a 6.35mm jack socket to input a line level source such as an iPod etc.

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On the rear of the RD Dante there are 2x balanced line outputs on 3 pin male XLRs and AES output also on 3 pin male XLR.These outputs can be configured to follow the main volume settings of the speakers/headphones or alternatively, they can be set to independent levels with individual trim controls for each. They can also be set independently to follow the main Mute control.
Additionally there is an AES input via 3 pin female XLR connector .The RD Dante has 2x IEC mains inputs (90v to 250v at 50Hz to 60Hz) which can be run individually or together for redundancy.


Nixer RD Dante Specifications

1 Monitoring of 64 Dante channels at 48kHz (32 channels at 96kHz)
2 Output up to 64 Dante channels at 48kHz (32 channels at 96kHz)
3 Sample rates supported
· 44.1kHz
· 48kHz
· 88.2kHz
· 96kHz
4 Bit Depth supported
· 16bit
· 24bit
· 32bit
5 AES67 compatible
6 Fully compatible with New Dante Domain Manager
7 Two main modes of operation
· User defined mix to L and R output
– User memories with customizable names
· PFL mode where selected channel is sent to LR with two modes
– Auto cancel previous selection
– Additive with Clear button
8 64 channel meters
· High resolution meters
· Optional Peak indicator with user definable trigger level
9 Main LR meters
· Large high-resolution meters displaying 0dBFS down to -60dBFS in 1dB steps
· Optional Peak hold
· Optional Working level indicator with user definable level
10 Internal 25W/channel amplifier feeding either
· 2x 63.5mm full range drivers in optimized ported cabinets
· Headphone output
11 Dual Balanced Line Outputs 0dBFS = +21dBu maximum output into 600ohms 2x 3pin male XLR connectors
· Fed from main Stereo LR bus
· Option to follow main volume control
· User adjustable trim (0dB to -60dB in 1dB steps)
· Output Mute relays
12 Stereo AES output on 3pin male XLR connector
· Fed from main Stereo LR bus
· Option to follow main volume control
· User adjustable trim (0dB to -60dB in 1dB steps)
13 Stereo AES Input on 3pin female XLR connector
· User selectable routing to Dante output(s)
14 Stereo unbalanced line input on 6.35mm stereo jack
· with input level trim control suitable for use with common music playback devices such as, iPods, iPhones, MP3 players
· max input level +8.5dBu
15 6.35mm Headphone socket and microphone input
· Headphone output for driving loads from 8ohm to 600ohm
· Microphone input with gain control (up to 40dB) and level trim
· Socket wiring is suitable for use with most common mobile phone headsets
16 Dual 1GHz RJ45 Dante inputs
· 1GHz or 100MHz operation
· User configurable for Switched or Redundant operation
· Network configuration information available via menu
17 Power input via
· 2x IEC mains socket
· 90-250V 50-60Hz mains input
· Both power inputs can be active at the same time for redundancy
18 USB port is used for product firmware updates
19 Internal oscillator with selectable routing to Dante output(s) and level control
· Sine/Square/Triangle Wave generation settable to a frequency of 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 5kHz and 10kHz
· White Noise Generator
· Pink Noise Generator
20 LCD
· 5.0” (127mm) diagonal 24bit colour LCD with 800xRGBx480 resolution
· LED backlight (adjustable brightness via software)
· 5-point touch capacitive touch overlay with gesture support
21 Size
· 494mm wide by 300mm deep by 88mm height
· 1.5kG
22 19inch rack mounting ears can be removed for desktop use

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